Industrial Recovery & Recycling, Inc

Industrial Recovery & Recycling, Inc. (IRR) is a privately owned state-of-the-art plastic recycling company located in Greer, South Carolina. IRR is a recognized leader in the reclamation of polyester (PET), nylon (6 or 6/6), and polypropylene (PP) waste products. IRR’s experience and services are unequaled in the recycling industry. We continually strive to assess and improve every aspect of our customers recycling programs.

IRR is capable of taking various forms of waste (purge, non-woven, film, fiber, flake and filament) and 'toll' pelletize it for reuse by the producer. Our melt filtration capabilities allow for an extremely high-quality finished product. By reusing their own waste, many manufacturers are able to experience a dramatic decrease in raw material costs. Also, our process reduces or eliminates the volume of 'off-quality' finished goods in the market place, and strengthens 'first-quality' marketability.

Facts About IRR:

  • IRR has recycled over 1 billion pounds of polyester (PET), nylon and polypropylene (PP).
  • Our plant site consists of 5 separate buildings (250,000 square feet) spread out on 32 acres.
  • IRR is conveniently located off I-85, half-way between Greenville and Spartanburg, SC.
  • All of our buildings have sprinkler systems and have full content insurance to cover material belonging to our vendors while in our possession.